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this is not your traditional karaoke contest

celebrity sidekick story

“The idea for this show dates back to 2016 when I had the opportunity to meet with Benny Mardones. While discussing his amazing career in music I shared with him my vision for a singing contest that could easily move into a tv pilot; a contest like those we all might be familiar with but with a local spin. Benny loved the concept and was on board to be our celebrity judge as those of us familiar with his work know him as “The Voice”. This launch is bittersweet for me as Benny passed away in 2020. Celebrity Sidekick and the fruition of my vision so long ago is a tribute to Benny and my late daughter Kyriè Isabella Bovenzi. We hope you enjoy the show!”

                                                                       ~ Tim Bovenzi



Season #1 of our New and Reimagined vocal contest is here! Celebrity Sidekick, 2023!

Our contest is designed with the contestant's benefit in mind. Our goal is to encourage new singers to explore every available opportunity in what we all know and listen to daily: music! What sets this contest apart from all those everyone may have heard of before is to have local AND national musicians as our celebrity judges. These judges are musicians who have already made a career out of their passion for the music and entertainment industry. Our judges have studied music from all walks of life and schools, and they are all both successful and highly recognized by the Denver community and beyond each in their own right. They have all earned their way through the school of "Hard Knocks". Each Celebrity Sidekick judge has been carefully and precisely selected to represent our local music community.


Celebrity Sidekick will run over the course of seven weeks, consisting of three preliminaries, the semi-finals, and ending with one winner at the finals! All past, present, and future contestants are invited to join us for our family event giving all fans, family, and friends a chance to meet their favorite contestants.

See Show Format Here.


Each contestant as they advance through Season 1 will compete no more than three times. A contestant who advances past the Preliminaries will compete in the semi-finals, and those who pass the semi-finals will compete for first place in the finals!



1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will be announced at the Finals!

Production Crew

We can't have an exciting first season without these talented and hard-working individuals.  

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