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this is not your traditional karaoke contest

celebrity sidekick story

LocalSoundsOnline is celebrating its 21st year with Season #2 of our “NEW” annual show, Celebrity SideKick!!



Get ready Colorado fans, friends and family for our Celebrity Sidekick SEASON #2 “TRIBUTE” vocal competition! 

Our second series of filmed events are on schedule & set to take place right here in the Denver metro area in early 2024. Our event features local singers and is judged by members of some of Colorado’s top Tribute bands.


Our talented singer registrants will NOW become challengers in what the Colorado music scene is NOW calling Colorado’s latest rage in vocal competition.

Celebrity SideKick is a local and touring singing contest that comprises eight electrifying events igniting with a powerful launch party, three exhilarating preliminary events, and two must-see semi-finals, followed by a family-friendly reception & karaoke show. This season is designed to thank and celebrate all the cast, crew, fans, contestants & families of the contestants for their amazing support . All of this precedes the BIG final event featuring our special guests national act Celebrity Sidekick judges!

Sponsored by

52eighty Distilling, Dr!p Energy Drink, Broadway Shot Spot, Hampton Inn Golden, Guitar Center Park Meadows and the Platte River Bar & Grill.

"From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank our entire passion team for making this dream a reality! May God bless you all during this holiday season and as we approach the new year!" ~

 Tim & Larissa Bovenzi




Our Mission 

Our mission at Celebrity Sidekick, LLC is to foster collaboration and empower the entertainment industry by connecting local singers, both karaoke enthusiasts and professionals, with local bands and major celebrities. Through a filmed TV series and a series of events, we aim to cross promote talent, advance the industry, and create opportunities for growth, while also giving back to the community through outreach efforts. We intend to protect and advance those going into the industry, and make a lasting impact in a world where industry support & outreach is essential.

  About Celebrity Sidekick

“The idea for this show dates back to 2016 when I had the opportunity to meet with Benny Mardones. While discussing his amazing career in music I shared with him my vision for a singing contest that could easily move into a TV pilot; a contest like those we all might be familiar with but with a local spin. Benny loved the concept and was on board to be our celebrity judge as those of us familiar with his work know him as “The Voice”. This launch is bittersweet for me as Benny passed away in 2020. Celebrity Sidekick and the fruition of my vision so long ago is a tribute to Benny and my late daughter Kyriè Isabella Bovenzi. We hope you enjoy the show!”

                                                                       ~ Tim Bovenzi

The “Sidekick”   

The “Sidekick” in Celebrity Sidekick is exactly that, a subtle or unsaid message that holds a moment in time where you may be sitting next to a success story or near success story that may require additional collaborative and decision-support tools. Our Sidekick's assist in technical tasks, vocal coaching, suggestive industry best practices, and commit to working alongside the singer or artist to achieve specialized tasks in the music industry they are seeking. Furthermore, we are inspired and driven by a spirit of giving to bring a life provision where necessary, sometimes offering outskirt-type ministry as an alternative of ensuring the artist can endure the challenging road ahead.

Our passion team's commitment, experience and certainty is that the novelty of a record or performance deal can begin to wear off 900 miles down the road, and that simply ain't enough to sustain the long road , therefore we stand in the gap for the entire tour! 

Although we are driven to hold an official position as a  Sidekick to our contestant, it is not uncommon that a contestant on our show may even become a "Sidekick" to any member of our cast, crew, fans or followers. Our Season one captured on film living testimony of this! 

Your participation and support becomes a "Sidekick" to an inspired community that indeed bears fruit! 

                                                                             ~ Tim Bovenzi

About Season #1 

Season #1 of our New and Reimagined vocal contest Celebrity Sidekick, 2023!


Our contest is designed to raise up the contestants from where they are in their musical career and journey. LocalSoundsOnline uses concepts that are unique while partnering with local and national support that opens doors to the unimaginable.  Our goal is to encourage our singers while providing opportunities with well-known artists and their resources that support our concepts and each up and coming artist alike.  


What sets this contest apart from those everyone may have heard of before is we have local & national musicians as our celebrity judges. These judges are musicians who have already made a career out of their passion for the music and entertainment industry. Our judges have studied music from all walks of life and schools, and they are all successful and highly recognized in their own right by the Denver community and beyond. They have all earned their way through hard work and unfailing dedication. Each Celebrity Sidekick judge has been carefully and precisely selected to represent our local music community.




What to expect in SEASON #2 



Celebrity Sidekick SEASON #2 “TRIBUTE”

Contestants, it’s about you! This season of Celebrity Sidekick features some of Colorado’s TOP "TRIBUTE" bands like Journey, REO Speedwagon, Bon Jovi, Pink & more along with their chosen Sidekicks...! The judging panel will change from a three to a four-judge panel and each competition will continue to be loaded with emotion, laughter, and tears with our NEW judging criteria in place to improve performances. This season will continue to grow bigger, better, faster & so will our prizes!  

Production Crew

We can't have an exciting first season without these talented and hard-working individuals.  

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