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Season #1 Format

Each Season will contain up to 60* registered contestants. **New Season will have New Dates**

Upon registering, contestants will pay the registration fee and then select which preliminary date they can participate on. The Preliminaries are on a first come first served basis as we have a limit of 20 singers in each round. Celebrity Sidekick will initially start with 3 different casting/audition events in a few locations in and around Denver, Metro area.



Season #1- 

7 weeks of competitions including a family night of music & entertainment on April 2nd.

Preliminary Event Dates:

  • Jan 26th (week one): 20 singers will perform. Only 10 will advance to the Semi-finals.

  • Feb 2nd (week two): 20 singers will perform. Only 10 will advance to the Semi-finals.

  • Feb 9th (week three): 20 singers will perform. Only 10 will advance to the Semi-finals.

Semi-finals Event Dates:

  • March 9th (week four): 15 singers will perform including our top voted Celebrity Crush. Of those 16, only 5 singers will advance to the finals.

  • March 19th (week five): 15 singers will perform. Of those 15, only 5 singers will advance to the finals.

Industry Night:

  • Sunday, April 2nd (week 6): This is a family-friendly event. Have fun singing open karaoke. This night is where we have more fun with an event called "Flip the Script". Our contestants become the judges and our judges to include your show host become the contestants. Having fun and taking some playful jabs for a single night.

Industry Night is also a reuniting of past contestants, their friends, and families who may have advanced or already been eliminated. A relaxed environment of music entertainment, meet & greet with judges and other professionals to gain more insight into the music industry.

Season #1 Finale

Finals! 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Place Winners Announced:

  • April 7th (week 7): The remaining semi-finalists will now perform. 

    • Each semifinalist will sing 2 songs to be judged on in two rounds and have a 3rd prepared.

    • Only 1 song per contestant can be a slow or a ballad style song. We encourage high energy choices.

    • The 1st Place Winner will have their 3rd song choice as their Celebration/Victory song.

*The number of contestants per preliminary round, semifinal round and into the final round is subject to adjust along with each season.

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