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Last highlight event from season #1

Season #1 Finale has arrived. After many weeks of competition against some of Colorado's most talented contestants. Our first season of Celebrity Sidekick is coming to the most anticipated event of the season. 

Who will win and who will be performing! After multiple contestants only 8 remain and only 3 will win this season. Money, recognition, photo opportunity and film are all on the line with this May 7th event. 

Finals are being performed at the newly renovated Buffalo Rose located in beautiful Golden Colorado.

While our contestants will be laser focused on their performances, we will be increasing the game with national and internationally known musical performances.

All in one night, your tickets will gain you access to experience Jack Russell of Jack Russell's Great White, Isaac Points of The Jakarta Band, Lady Red Light, Band Steele, Chris Mercer, Steve and The Cruisers and Otis Day from Animal House. Time to Shout!

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