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What is the cost to register to compete in season 1?


It’s $35 total to enter as a contestant for Season 1 of the competition. The fee will escalate as we get closer to the opening preliminary rounds. 


Is the entry fee refundable?


Unfortunately, no, the entry fee of $35 is not refundable.

Due to the limited spots to compete available, programming and the short registration window spots are on a first come first served basis. 

is my registration fee for the whole 1st season?


Yes. This is the fee for you to enter as a contestant for Season 2.


Who can enter?


Anyone 18+ can enter, and who is not an immediate family member of LSO staff, Myxed Music, 58Eighty Distilling or a competition judge.


Do I have to be available for all of the competition dates?


No. The first 3 weeks are only slotted for 20* singers each week.
At registration, you can select any of the 3 preliminary dates shown. These spots are limited to the first 20 singers who select these dates. Semi-finals and Finals, if you advance to these events, then Yes, we hope to see you.

if I advance but don't make it all the way through, may I still attend other dates of the contest?

We DO and will always encourage you to attend as many weeks as possible leading up to the finals as a spectator. This will allow you to benefit from seeing who your competition may be. It will also allow you to learn what will it take for you to advance in subsequent seasons of Celebrity Sidekick and become a better performer in general.
However, no videotaping or filming of the contest will be allowed for social media sharing. Celebrity Sidekick and LSO will have film crews and photographers on site for the benefit of our contestants and professional performances.


Is there a dress code?

Appropriate attire for family-friendly viewing is required. Otherwise, dress the part. Dress to impress and to
stand out. You are a performer! If your performance has props, be considerate of these types of performances. For example, we don’t recommend you having a prop or toy gun if you’re singing Smooth Criminal. No weapon props or flash bangs without the prior approval of Celebrity Sidekick and LSO Producers.


Are there multiple venues for competition dates?

Preliminary events for casting / auditions may be produced at a few locations. Each season brings new opportunities to explore for the competition. We ask all contestants, judges and musical performers to be flexible. We will always try to accommodate as early as possible. You’re welcome prior to your preliminary date, to out the venue and envision which songs would best suit you in this venue. Some songs actually sound better in various environments based on the venue. Keep that in mind.


Can I compete in Celebrity Sidekick if I’m in another competition if the dates do not conflict?


No. To avoid conflict of interest and to ensure full participation all registered contestants still competing within the 2nd Season, agree to not participate in any other singing competitions/contests if the Celebrity Sidekick date is booked prior. 



Have a question you don’t see an answer for?
Send us an email with your question and one of our dedicated team members will get back to you within 24 hours.

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