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Last Season's Valerie Vampola!


Valerie’s music talents cross over from many types of genres and styles. Her vocal intensity, as well as her ability to captivate an audience brings a radiant color to her and her band’s performance each and every night! Valerie is also a scholar in music and vocal education, but it is her strong will and soft spirit that really packs the punch!

Celebrity Sidekick could not ask for a better show!

More about Valerie-
Valerie Vampola is a vocalist and keyboardist based out of Northern Colorado. Her Santa Barbara, California roots bring her to venues across Southern California and Colorado, performing in a variety of jazz, soul and rock acts. She most frequently plays with her own solo act and in the classic rock cover band Steve & The Cruisers, but continues to play with a variety of other acts like the Colorado Jazz Repertory Orchestra. Valerie graduated from the University of Northern Colorado in 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in Jazz Studies, where she was an ensemble member of Downbeat award-winning vocal jazz ensemble Northern Colorado Voices, under the direction of Kerry Marsh.

Valerie has been a vocal coach, piano teacher, and music mentor since 2014, and a staff member of the Loveland Academy of Music since 2019. Her classical background combined with an exploration of other styles serves as the foundation of her teaching philosophy- giving students a healthy and practical approach to their voices and music, helping them achieve their “big dream” music goals and fostering creativity. Now as a team member of Celebrity Sidekick, she is excited to continue enriching her local music community and help a new generation of singers be the best version of themselves.

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