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Get to know your Celebrity Side Kick judges before the event starts!

deborah chapman

Born and raised in Syracuse, New York Deborah grew up with music in her soul. Her parents' love for music inspired her own love and appreciation for many kinds of music. From Blues to Jazz, to R&B and Rock she loves it all.

From being gifted an accordion at the young age of 7 and mastering it, to making it to the finals in a singing competition at the Salt City Playhouse, Deborah has an ear for talent. The Queen of Karaoke in her youth, she could belt a high note and landed a position as the backup singer for The Innovations.

Music is the key to the soul, and laughter is the medicine and Deborah is gifted in both. Along with musical talent, Deborah is a gifted comedian as well and over the years has dabbled in stand-up comedy. If her singing doesn't get you on your feet her jokes will have you in stitches and belly-laughing all night, and that's no joke!

 We're thrilled to have her on the judging stand for Season #1! 

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