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Get to know your Celebrity Side Kick judges before the event starts!


A silky but musky baritone, with a few high notes up his sleeve, Peter Fischer has always loved the ballads and the old American Songbook literature, from about the 1940's all the way to the late 60's. He got that from his mother. He didn't really know he could sing until later in life, having only just begun performing publicly for paid gigs with a duet partner in 2005. Since then, he's been branching out, adding to his repertoire and genres.


His parents were a part of the 'greatest generation', as they call it. Sounds like Count Basie, Duke Ellington, The Dorsey Brothers, and Glenn Miller were the thing back then. Hearing that growing up most likely left its mark on him. All the music from the Rat Pack made a lasting impression, of course, and it is in those songs that his sound makes its biggest impact. Like Glenn Miller himself in some ways, Peter has a pulse on what listeners of this old music really want to hear again; what it means to really put a warm feeling into a song and invoke the nostalgia from the time it is from.


Rather than perform the perfect, laser-like belting that we often see on the show the Voice, Peter uses his warm, simple tone to dust off those old songs and makes them new again, like restoring an old car, each time he performs. There is a delicacy and gritty but pretty baritone that will literally reduce your blood pressure just by hearing it. The way he slides and lands with his notes, it's as if he's saying "Hey, there are good things in this world that you can still find. Somewhere there is something good to hope for again, and possibly someone to love, and give your love to." Even with sad songs, there's always an element of hope and thanksgiving in his renditions, and most of all love, the most common subject of his repertoire. If people leave happy, even if they drifted into the place and hear only one song, and feel some of the joy he puts into it, then he has succeeded.

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